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Launchcloud’s pre-made and customizable online forms and data solutions fit all types of businesses - going paperless has never been easier. We let you build powerful, interactive forms and data solutions that will make paper embarrassed it was part of your business workflow in the first place.
Launchcloud Really does all of that?

Yes and more… Starting your paperless revolution with Launchcloud means that you can create, distribute and collect data without the use of any paper. Using Launchcloud integrations like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and Stripe Payments mean you can export your data, share it, store it and even take online payments.

So, how is this possible? It’s simple, Launchcloud enables you to produce bespoke data solutions for all circumstances, including; collection of field data, payments, product listings, customer feedback, employee training and testing, risk reporting and internal ordering. Think of how many of these processes involve hard copy forms at present and you can immediately see the benefits of using Launchcloud.

"Make paper ashamed it used to be part of your workflow"

It doesn’t end there; the information gathered on the forms is fed straight into the Launchcloud system and compiled into easy to analyze reports. These reports can be downloaded as an Excel file, or a PDF and viewed and stored electronically; there is no need to print any of the information.  Our integrated paperless calendars give multiple users; access anytime anywhere, payments received at a click of a button without any paper receipts or printed invoices, and confirmation emails for bookings or payments can be sent out automatically – leaving you to work on your business and not work for it.

Businesses are still wasting money and time with mountains of unorganized invoices, orders and reports – but it doesn’t have to be this way. In virtually all areas of business, Launchcloud can make processes paperless and seamless. Launchcloud forms are shareable online, easier to store and send, and more versatile than paper ever was. What are you waiting for start your paperless revolution!

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