Automate Your Work Processes This Holiday Period W/ Launchcloud

It is easy to create fully automated forms and processes while you are away during the festive season with Launchcloud - these 3 top tips will help your business stay at the top of its game over the Christmas period:

  1. With Launchcloud you can create automatic customizable email responses after your customers fill out your forms - this allows you to send out automatic out-of-office emails after somebody fills out your form or makes a purchase.

  2. Don’t worry about scrolling through cumbersome replies when you get back to the office, as the Launchcloud reports feature lets you see a beautifully simple list of your responses, giving you the information you need.

  3. Why not let Launchcloud take over, and schedule your appointments in for you with our Google Calendar integration. After your customers fill out your form and choose a date, this date will flow directly into your Google calendar.

So rest assured with Launchcloud you won’t lose out on business if you give yourself a break this Christmas - let Launchcloud work for you. To send out different custom emails based on different individual responses within one form as well as all the other Launchcloud features discussed here - Click to learn more.

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