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Everyone knows that CRM systems swarm the internet each claiming to be the best, but essentially all offering the same thing - sufficient ways to log sales meetings, leads, customer interaction, and track business opportunities.

Nevertheless, a CRM tool is only as great as the data that you put into it. The faster you gather raw data and feedback into your CRM from your field salespeople, the faster you can make choices to guide the customer or sales flow process.

a DMP doesn’t only collect and store the data...

In contemporary, forward-thinking sales environments, you should teach your sales teams to enter key metrics and revise data about sales leads or pipeline changes in real time, in the field. The sooner your sales teams can act on this data and connect the dots for prospective clients, the more sales you’ll make. However, most CRM’s don’t offer a mobile data capture capabilities or tools that can make this a reality… this is where Launchcloud comes in.

Launchcloud would like to say we are one of the thought leaders in Data Collection and we are only pulling away from the rest. The market that we talk of is not the CRM Market but a Data Management Platform (DMP) Market. With Launchcloud you can create beautiful data capture solutions that can tie directly into your CRM with ease, but much like a CRM where data can only be stored, sales can be logged and notes can be updated, Launchcloud will also analyse the data, provide real-time reporting and provide you with meaningful insights into the data…. it doesn't stop there! Create bespoke workflows, manage teams or projects, automate emails/texts and even chat with teammates or external clients directly through Launchcloud.

...but provide vital insights and visual data

With our drag-and-drop form designer, you can easily design and customize how and in which ways you want your data to be collected, stored and most importantly - pinpoint exactly where you want the data fields to match up to in your CRM. Launchcloud’s integration with Base CRM (as seen in the video below), is just one of the many success stories of Launchcloud grabbing sales by the horns and improving your workflow.


So all in all, Launchcloud as a DMP doesn’t only collect and store the data you require but provide vital insights at moments notice enabling you and your team to turn Data into money.

To find out more about our integrations, take a look at our Market where they can be downloaded with a click. If you would like some more information on Webhooks to feed your CRM, take a look at our Webhook Doc.

Note: Webhooks do involve a lot of background knowledge and admin access to your own program and will usually require a programmer to set Webhooks up. Contact us to learn more about how to set up a Webhook with Launchcloud.

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