Being an app user/operator

Registration and setting up your profile

You will receive an invitation email from an account inviting you to complete your registration by setting up a profile. Just click on the link in the email and you will be taken to the registration page. Complete the required details on this page and you're all set. Next download and login to the Launchcloud app where you will see the forms shared with you.


Downloading and setting up the iOS App

If you want to use the Launchcloud mobile App on your iOS device it's simple to do. First you need to visit the Apple App Store, search for Launchcloud and press get, to download the App.

Once you have the Launchcloud App on your device just log in using the same email and password you used when setting up your profile. The Forms and Folders will then load onto your device.

To manually update the Launchcloud App on an Apple device just click on the App store, then updates at the bottom right hand side. Any available updates will be displayed on the App and you just have to press Update to complete the process. 

If you want to change your password via the Launchcloud iOS App it's easy to do. Just launch the App as normal and press Forgot Password in the bottom left of the screen. Enter your email, then tap "Send reset code" button. You will be sent a six digit code to type in to your app, type this in and you will them have the option to reset your password. 

Downloading and setting up the Android App

If you want to use the Launchcloud Android App, no problem. First, you need to enter the Play Store and search for Launchcloud which you then need to download to your device.

Use the same email and password as you did when setting up your profile to log in and the Forms and Projects functions will download to your device.

To manually update the Launchcloud Android App you just need to visit the Play Store on your device and search for Launchcloud which you should then select before clicking the update button.

Using the Launchcloud Form App

You won't have any problems setting up the Launchcloud Form App for use; it's a really straightforward process. In fact, it's as easy as 1,2, 3.
1. Go the Launchcloud website login page
2. Use the same email and password that you did when you set up the account.
3. Hey presto, Forms and Projects will load on your device, ready for use.



Saving the Form App to the desktop of an Android Device

Here's the clever stuff; once you've set up the Launchcloud Web App you can save it to the desktop of your Android device.
Go the Launchcloud page in your Android browser.
Click on the more button in the browser.
Select the "add to home screen" option.
Input the title "Launchcloud" when requested to do so.
The icon will appear on your Android desktop.

With Launchcloud this gives you a twofold advantage. You get a quick link so access to Launchcloud is one touch away. You get Launchcloud displayed in a way that mimics an actual Android app, without all the annoying browser functions that you don't need.


Saving the Form App to the desktop of an iOS device

If you are an iOS user, Launchcloud hasn't forgotten you. The Form App can be saved to the desktop of an iOS device.

Go to the Launchcloud page in your iOS browser.
Click on the share button.
Choose the "Add to home screen" option.
Click the add button at the top right-hand side.

You have a quick link to the Launchcloud site, and you have a display that mimics an actual iOS App without any browser functions you don't need.




How do I know if a form I've submitted has been sent?

A pop-up message will let you know that you have sent a form. Go to the status area to view the number of submitted forms since the last login. If you are submitting offline a different pop-up message tells you the form is queued and ready to send when the signal returns. Again, you can check the status area to see how many forms are in queued submissions. 

What happens to forms when the iOS App or the Android App is offline?

As long as you have accessed the forms prior to the App going offline you will be able to process forms normally and they will be stored in the device memory until they can be sent when the device is back online.

What happens to forms when the Form App is offline?

Any information already input will be stored, but you will have limited access to forms while the App is offline. You will receive a message notifying you when the forms are submitting when the App is back online.

How do I view new forms or changes to existing forms?

You will only be able to see new forms or changes when you have a signal and log in. In the Apps, if you are already logged in just press the sync button to see any changes that have been made.

I know what my password is but I want to change it.

All you have to do is log in and click on your profile picture. Here you are given the option to change your password.

I have forgotten my password and I don't have my mobile device with me.

Go the main Launchcloud website and click on login at the top right-hand side. Then, all you need to do is enter your email and click on forgotten password next to the password text input field.