Desktop Account

The Launchcloud platform is split into two separate, interrelated sections: the admin dashboard and the Form App. In this article, we will introduce you to the admin dashboard’s functionality and familiarize you with its navigation. To learn more about the Form App, click here.

The admin dashboard is your central hub for preparing and monitoring Launchcloud forms. It’s where you’ll go to create a new form, design a custom theme, or view reports based on data you’ve collected. You can also handle account logistics here as well, such as adding users and establishing teams, specifying account permissions, or setting up notifications.

Our Support Documentation has articles explaining each of the specific features mentioned above. For now, we’re going to take a very broad look at the admin dashboard itself.

Logging In

Log in to the admin dashboard by using your email and the password that you set up when you first created your Launchcloud account.


Main Dashboard

Immediately after logging in you’ll land on the main dashboard. This panel provides an overview of the various elements of your account, including all your live forms and the active users on your account as well as a tally of your form submissions. You can also set up custom report widgets on specific forms or folders.



There are two main ways to work your way around the admin dashboard: the sidebar hidden in a tray to the left of your account, and the header tabs found at the top of your account.


You’ll do most of your navigation through the sidebar, which is found by clicking the three lines in the top left corner. You can access the majority of Launchcloud’s core areas from here. This is also where you’ll access the Form App.

Clicking the Form App button at the bottom of the navigation bar will bring you to a separate part of the Launchcloud web app focused specifically on administering surveys and submitting form responses.



The bell icon holds all your notifications about account changes and new form submissions.

Installed Apps

The squared panel opens a quick-launch pad to check your installed apps or establish new integrations.


Click the drop-down box with your account name in it to switch between all accounts which you’ve access to.

Profile Management

Lastly, clicking your profile picture will allow you to view your account settings or log out from Launchcloud.

The My Account page is where you can customize the personal information associated with your account, including your profile picture, password, primary and secondary emails, and time zones.