Device Limiting

Following our overhaul of Launchcloud, we have also increased security and data protection by introducing device limiting to Launchcloud devices on a per-user basis.

Why Limit Devices?

In recent times, security of data and data management play a big part in companies that harbour this kind of information; as we harbour this information too, it plays a big part for Launchcloud also.

Launchcloud has had in place for a while now multi-factor authentication, re-captcha and has been ISO compliant and G Crowd Authorised but we haven’t stopped there! Our latest stance in protection is to limit the number of devices that can be accessed by one user at one time. We are now limiting access to be granted to no more than 2 devices at one time. By doing this we automatically limit the number of people that can have access to your data but it will allow you more control over individual users and the information submitted/collated by them.

Some platforms will limit the users to only use one device at a time but we feel this is too little for someone in the field. For example, they may be collecting data on a tablet but amending/editing on a laptop at the same time. Limiting the users will make the data you collect more reliable in return making your data more valuable to you.


With devices being limited it may mean that you need to change specific users permission and limit their access to what they can see. Launchcloud offer 4 main permissions levels and those are:

  • Account admin
  • Field Manager
  • Operator
  • Data Entry Users

All permission levels have their own form of access, to find out more about these take a look at our support doc here

If you have any further questions on Launchcloud new Device Limiting policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our online chat.