Data Search Use Cases

Use Cases

Two-way sync opens the doors for numerous use cases. For example, companies can create sign-up forms to capture sales leads at conferences and networking events, offering a two-in-one solution that can both capture new contact information as well as update existing members. Simply tie the form to your prefered CRM or email software and have contacts search for themselves. If their data appears, they can update it on the spot, and if they’re missing from the system they can sign up.


Data search also provides a great way to track attendees at public events, or add subscribers to a mailing list. In the days leading up to an event, direct your audience to an online sign up. On the day of the event, use the form to search their name as they arrive. If the search yields no results, use this as an opportunity to capture their information before they enter.


As you can see, data search and two-way sync provide a variety of ways to augment your existing workflows and boost productivity. Incorporate Data Search into your own forms, and feel free to reach out to our expert support team.