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The core Launchcloud product is free — and it always will be. But we do offer premium options for users looking to unlock the full suite of services. In this article, we will explain some of the main value differentiators between each of the four options.


Launchcloud Free is the basic package that all users begin with, focusing primarily on form creation and data collection. As such, users are allowed to create basic forms, but they can not implement integrations, logic, or media capture. They can, however, generate embed codes and share URLs, allowing them a variety of ways to make their forms available to the public. Free users can record up to 100 form responses a month, and can analyze the data in our full reports generator. All forms collected by Launchcloud include geolocation, and this information is shared with Free users.

Free users can access Launchcloud through any of our platforms: web, iOS, and Android.


Our Standard package is a great option for project managers or anyone consistently using Launchcloud forms as part of their professional workflow. For one thing, Standard users are allowed to design custom themes for their forms that match their brand aesthetic — a great addition for anyone planning to embed their forms on a website or blog. Launchcloud Standard customers can also build forms with integrations, allowing them to connect to their favorite apps like Google Calendar, Drive, MailChimp, or Dropbox. It is also at this level where users can begin to capture photos in their form responses.

The Standard package also supports teams and custom permission levels, which comes in handy for project leaders managing a team of peers with different responsibilities. A Launchcloud Standard customer can assign project-level authority to a team member, as well as operator-level permissions to several field administrators.

Upgrading to Standard also increases various account limits. Users are granted 10GB of media storage, 1,000 monthly web form submissions, and unlimited app form submissions. We also begin to offer email support to Standard customers.


In addition to including everything offered by Launchcloud Standard, our Pro package also includes some of our most advanced features, such as two-way data sharing and logic. Two-way data allows Launchcloud to auto-populate its fields with information found in external apps. Logic uses conditional statements to build “smart” forms that respond to a user’s responses.

Media options are also expanded by purchasing a Pro account: This price tier includes the option of including video files within a form, or doing in-app markups to a photo submission. Users can also opt to have a copy of form submissions emailed to them.

Lastly, a Launchcloud Pro account comes with even greater storage limits: 3,000 monthly web form submissions and up to 50GB of content in the media manager. Users at this level are also guaranteed a 99.9% uptime to our services, as well as telephone attention from our support team should a problem arise.


Lastly, we also offer custom-priced packages at the enterprise level. Chief among these benefits are top-priority customer support and full HD video storage in our media manager. We also begin to discounts seats in excess of 25 users, and teams in enterprise package can be segmented out into multiple accounts.

To further discuss Launchcloud’s ability to meet your enterprise needs — as well as receive a pricing estimate — schedule a call with us here.