Security and Permissions


The security of your forms and files is our highest priority at Launchcloud. We strive to maintain a relationship built on trust with our users, and as such, we’ve taken several measures to ensure your data is secure.

This article aims to explain some of the safety tactics we’ve implemented, as well as clarify a bit of our data architecture.


Security Credentials

All Launchcloud data storage systems and servers are run within a private cloud on the Amazon Web Services platform, which has the following credentials:

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27017:2015

PCI DSS Level 1

Additionally, we ensure constant compliance with ICO regulations.


Data Extraction

Access to deployment servers by our development staff is strictly controlled and security groups are used to control access to servers within the network to authorized devices only.

Database data is backed up constantly, with point-in-time recovery available within a time frame spanning from 5 minutes ago to 7 days ago. Scheduled backups to secure, redundant storage within the AWS network are taken daily.

Media and other items are stored on Amazon S3 and are only accessible by obtaining a signed URL, which is generated by our system when an authorized user wishes to access a stored resource.

All data is stored on the Launchcloud platform as a searchable database that authorized users can download at any time in PDF, CSV, or Excel format. Users also have the option to send data to integrations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Forms can be edited after completion by authorized staff. It would then be possible to update the status of a form of forms that require a workflow.

On completion of a form, a copy can be sent to an email address contained in the form, specific user emails, or both. This copy email can be configured to only show certain pages in the sent email.

All confidential documents — such as risk assessments and reports — are securely stored on Launchcloud servers.

Our technology use allows us to undergo routine maintenance and security updates with no interruption of service.


Multi-Account Management

Our secure, role-based permission system allows users with multiple Launchcloud accounts to permit their clients or collaborators to access portions of their sensitive data and reports without granting access to the remainder of their data. Similarly, clients and collaborators will not have the ability to manage a user’s forms, systems, or registered users without the account owner’s granted permission.

Users do not have access to Launchcloud’s administration panel unless specifically invited. Our invitation system requires secure passwords and multi-factor authentication.


User Management

Access to Launchcloud’s administration panel is strictly controlled. Roles are assigned to individual users or user groups to control access to handle:

  • account management
  • user management
  • form editing
  • reporting functions

These roles can be used to give users access to the entire account, to a folder containing forms, and to each individual form. If more specific roles are required, our system allows for that to take place.

In addition, roles can be given to users or groups that allow them to complete forms only. These users have no access to the administrative panel. This can also be applied to the account, a folder of forms, or individual forms themselves.

By setting up groups of users based on the time gap between applications, it is possible to allow and disallow users from accessing and completing forms on a schedule.

Click here to read more about user management, and here to read more about teams.


User Permissions

Launchcloud has four main permissions levels and these are as follows: Account admin, Field Manager, Operator and Data Entry.

  • Account admin has virtually all of the same permissions as the account owner. They are able to view forms in all projects, as well as add users and review reports.
  • Field Manager has access to all the folders allocated to them but also have access to all submissions in that folder and can view and edit submissions.
  • Operator is someone who has access to folders and forms to submit but can also view and edit only their own submissions
  • Data Entry Users are able to open existing forms and enter new information. This role is meant for field operators who are collecting data without reviewing its results.

Ensuring users have the right access is important to ensure they do no access data that they should not be able to. If you require more information on users and what each can achieve, take a look at our doc on Users.



Launchcloud promises 98% uptime.



Support is offered via email, web chat, and phone from 8am GMT until 7pm GMT; support is sometimes offered beyond these time parameters when special circumstances arise. Support requests are handled within 24 hours; most are handled within 1 hour if received during office hours.