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Email Copy

What Is The Email Copy Function?

Sending a copy of your completed form by email to either the respondent themselves or a different admin can prove to be extremely advantageous. For example, if you wish the results of a form to be moderated by an independent user send an email copy of the form. Likewise, if you wish to send proof of purchase to your customer after a transaction, automatically set up the email copy function.

How do I Use Email logic

After you have built your form, you’ll want to click the setting cog in the top right corner of your screen - this will bring you to Form Settings. From here you will need to select EMAIL COPY and click the green plus button in the bottom right corner. 

Next, you will need to enter;

Email Copy Name - The title of the of the email copy of the completed form.

Email Theme - (if you choose to include it) This is the theme and content of a customized email that can also be sent to your user, find out more about how to create email themes by clicking here.

Email Subject - The title of your email (this will be the first thing your user will see when they first see your email).

Email Addresses - Any emails (usually for internal records) that you want a copy of every response sent to.

*Email Selection - If you want to send a customizable response to your user that can be dependent on Email Logic.

Form Pages - The Pages of the form entry that you would like to send.

The Format - The format of the copy of the completed form.

Once you have completed this press Save, and your Email Copy will now be live.

To find out more about how to customize the logic of your emails and to even add themes check out our Email Logic and Email Themes Support Docs.


Upgrade Account

Email Copy is available to all Automate users, To make use of this feature, upgrade your account now!