Email Logic


When it comes to filling out forms, you may only want responses to be emailed out if the user fulfills the right criteria. In these situations, you’ll want to build responsive email logic into your forms. Email Logic will determine which of your respondents will receive emails and which will not - all based on their responses. 

Before going any further, please be aware that logic is only available to Launchcloud Pro users. To upgrade to Pro, click here.

What is Email Logic?

An “email logic equation” may sound fancy, but it’s nothing more than a set of rules to determine whether or not an email will be sent to a responder. When using email logic, you’re basically telling Launchcloud, “If X is true, then make Y happen.”

Think of an alarm clock set for 6:30am. It will remain silent until it’s 6:30, then the alarm will be triggered. “If it’s true that it’s 6:30am, then ring my alarm.”
Launchcloud email logic works on the same basic principles: your forms will contain fields  that if triggered will send your responder an email.

How to Use Email Logic

After you have built your form, you’ll want to click the setting cog in the top right corner of your screen - this will bring you to Form Settings. From here you will need to select EMAIL COPY and click the green plus button in the bottom right corner.

Next, you will need to enter;

Email Copy Name - The title of the of the email copy of the completed form (if you choose to include it)

Email Theme - This is the theme and content of your customized email that will be sent to your user (if you choose to by selecting the EMAIL BUTTON*), find out more about how to create email themes by clicking here

Email Subject - The title of your email (this will be the first thing your user will see when they first see your email)

Email Addresses - Any emails (usually for internal records) that you want a copy of every response sent to.

*Email Selection - If you want to send a customizable response to your user that can be dependent on Email Logic

Form Pages - The Pages of the form entry that you would like to send

The Format - The format of the copy of the completed form













It is now time to set your conditions to determine who will be sent a response email and who will not. To do this, you’ll want to > click the green circle with the plus icon in the bottom left corner logic page (this will appear automatically after you save the last section). If you want to return later to the logic section of your email copy > go back to the email copy option > find your email title > and to the right click the email logic button.

The choice of field conditions will then appear for you to set. For example, it’s the “Fail or Pass” field, so you’ll want to select “Fail or Pass” from the drop down box. You’ll then need to specify which values are needed to trigger the conditional field. We’ll want a Pass selection from the user to trigger an email. When these conditions are set, press Save and your email logic will now be live.

If you want to add another different response email (perhaps for a negative or positive response), choose a different email theme, and set elternative email logic.

Email Themes

Email Themes mean that you can customize different email responses to your specific tastes while incorporating your own branding and text. To learn more click here