Field Validation


A typical search and replace operation requires you to provide the exact text that matches the intended search result. Although this technique may be adequate for simple search and replace tasks in static text, it lacks flexibility and makes searching dynamic text at least difficult if not impossible. 

Launchcloud's regex data verification fixes this problem and can test an input string to see if a telephone number pattern or a credit card number pattern occurs within the string, meaning that you do not get invalid entries. 

Say you want to make sure that someone is actually entering an email in your email field within your Launchcloud form, this is where our regex data verification can help.

How Data Verification Works

With Launchcloud's regex implementation you can test for a pattern within a string. This can be done by entering a regex code into your Launchcloud form.

First, click the form feature that you would like to add a verification process to > then click the Rule (regex) button > then enter your regex code. 

At Launchcloud we are working to make the data verification process even easier, which is why we have auto-populated the code for email verification, and we are working on doing this for all form features in the future.