Form Themes

Form themes

Form themes are a great way of making your form fit within your wider branding. It is especially useful if you are embedding a form on your website, sending out forms to customers or data capturing at events. You can customize your web themes in many ways ranging from; changing your header image, a wide range of fonts and a wide colour palette to choose from. 

How To Create Form Themes

If you’d like to design your own form theme, hover over the green plus button in the top left corner of the theme manager, the green plus button it will spin and give you two options. Select > Form Theme.

You’ll then see a variety of fields on the right-hand side:

Background Image — This image displays as a pattern behind your form, similar to a screensaver on your computer. We recommend avoiding attention-grabbing patterns. Solid colors or your company’s logo work well here, or alternatively, leave it empty for a transparent look when embedding onto your website.

Header Image — This image displays above the top of your form and is a great place to include a banner image.

Background Color — This color will only appear if you do not have a background image set.

Border Colour — The outline color of your input fields.

Input Text Body Font

Input Text Header Font

Input Text Color — The color of the text that appears in each input field.

Input Background — The color that fills the input field.

Primary Text Color — The color of your field headers.

Second Text Color — The color of nested text elements, including radial sliders and star rating icons.

Button Background — The main color of any buttons, including calendar and form submission buttons.

Button Text Color — The color of any text and icons that appear within a button.

When you’re finished, be sure to save your work by clicking the done button at the top of the page.

How To Apply Form Themes

Now that you’ve got a form theme that matches your brand guidelines, it’s time to apply it to your forms. To do so, go back to the Form Editor and click on the design icon on the right of the form you’d like to customize. Then select the paint bucket tool in the top toolbar. This will launch a drop-down list of all the themes you’ve created, as well as a larger list including the Launchcloud default templates. Simply select the theme you’d like to apply, and save the updates to the form.

If you don't feel like creating your own form theme, you can always visit Launchcloud Marketplace and download one of our beautiful ready-made themes for free