In addition to offering standard survey elements like lists, sliders, radio buttons, and timestamps, Launchcloud also offers media capture capabilities, allowing users to create more advanced, detailed forms. These features can all be found under the Media & More tab inside our Form Builder. Alternatively, you can also embed images, Youtube videos, or Items from Dropbox or Google Drive via one of the PLUS BUTTONS which will appear as you hover down the left of your form.

Note that certain media capabilities are only available to Launchcloud Standard or Pro customers. Click here to learn more about our pricing options.

Adding a Standard Media

To add a standard media click the Toolbox button and select MEDIA & MORE. Drag across the selected medium you would like to upload. Once this is in place double click this feature to upload.

How to Embed Media

This section is designed to show you how to embed images, Youtube videos, Items from Dropbox or Google Drive into your forms. Featured down the left-hand side of your form - a number of PLUS BUTTONS which will appear as you hover over them. Click one of these PLUS BUTTONS, based on where you would like to embed your media, and then choose what you would like to embed. Alternatively, if you right-click your form and select INSERT - you may embed this way.

Options When Embedding Images

There are two ways to include an image in a Launchcloud form: Either the form creator embeds the image herself while creating the document, or she includes an option for the responder to upload their own photo.

Embedding an image can help frame your form or give context to a survey. It can also serve as an example for what the responder should upload. To embed a photo, start by dragging the “Embed Image” field onto your form. Next, click on the document icon that appears in the field and choose a file from your computer’s library. The file you choose will become a part of the form itself.

Take a Picture

The other photo option is to allow the responder to upload a photo from their own device. To do this, drag the “Take Picture” field onto the form. When a responder opens the form, they’ll see an icon of a camera. Clicking this will launch a file uploader, allowing them to add whatever photo they’d like.

Draw Over Picture

Image draw-over is a bit more unique, and offers a lot of room for user customization. At first glance, this field appears very similar to the “Take Picture” field. However, once a user uploads a photo, they’ll then be able to add doodles and text to the photo using Launchcloud’s built-in photo editor.

The photo editor has two features. When the icon in the bottom right corner is in the shape of a pencil, the user can doodle on the image. When the icon is a lowercase “a,” then they can write on the image. Click the colored circle in the bottom left corner to change the color of your cursor.

Images uploaded to the draw-over feature stack on top of each other, meaning responders are able to upload more than one image. To edit the image, click on the thumbnail of the photo to the right of the camera icon.

Since image draw-over fields are relatively uncommon in an online form or survey, users may not immediately understand what’s expected of them. For this reason, we recommend including some instructive text in the form itself. To do this, navigate to the Layout tab, include a Free Text field, and write a short message.

Video, Audio, QR, & Barcodes

Launchcloud forms can also take video and audio files, as well as barcodes and QR codes. Including these options is similar to the image upload process: Just find the proper field in the Media & More tab and drop it into your form. Note that the user will be prompted to upload an existing file, as opposed to filming a video or recording audio on the spot.

Add a Product

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