Toolbox Options


The form builder’s toolbox contains all the various data field types a Launchcloud form can hold. In this article, we provide a brief explanation of the various options and how they function.

Text Input

The Text Input options are very straightforward. If you’d like to capture a responder’s name, email, company, or phone number, simply drag and drop the corresponding field onto your form. Additionally, you can use the signature option to allow a responder to add a handwritten signature to the form.

At the bottom of the Text Input menu, you’ll see a “Data Search” field. This field allows you to populate a form with information found in the Launchcloud database, in an external CSV, or in a third-party application. For more information on data search here.

Media & More

Use options from the Media & More menu to allow responders to attach photos, videos, audio files, or documents to your Launchcloud form. You can also generate barcodes and QR codes from this menu.

See our support article about the Media & More menu for additional tutorials and on how to embed.

Lists / Sliders

The Lists / Sliders options are great for letting form responders compare multiple pieces of data.

Radio List: Choose only one answer from several possibilities

Check Box List: Choose as many answers as apply from a list

Drop Down: Choose one answer from a drop-down list

Star Rating: Apply a score to an attribute on a scale of 1-5

Numbered Slider: Apply a score to an attribute on a scale of 1-10

Numbered List: Rank a list of options in order from best to worst

Countries, States, & Options: Select a country, state, or country from a drop-down list.

Date / Time

The Date / Time menu contains three simple options: Add a date to your form, add a time, or add both.


Lastly, the integrations section is where you can add fields that will share data with an external application, such as MailChimp or Base CRM. To add an integration, visit the Launchcloud Market.

Click here to read more about Launchcloud integrations.