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FAQ's on Getting Started

Why would I want to use Launchcloud?

The founders of Launchcloud are experienced in data capture, and they know just how important it is for your business, on a day-to-day basis. They are also aware that data capture methods have previously tended to be time consuming and expensive. From this knowledge has come the creation of Lanchcloud; a more efficient and cost effective solution. With Launchcloud you can create forms and share them across mobile devices, then simultaneously capture data from every mobile device. This data is then converted into useful quantified information, that you can view in the Launchcloud system, download and integrate with your systems, and use to make informed, timely and accurate business decisions.


How secure is Launchcloud?

The Launchcloud system has the built in security of Amazon's top level S3 server, this ensures your data stays safe. This S3 server gives you the same highly reliable, secure and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its global network of websites. All data submitted to Launchcloud is encrypted so your security is ensured with our service.


Who will have access to my Reports and Forms?

Launchcloud lets you decide who has access to your Reports and Forms. This functionality is very flexible; permissions can be different for each Folder or user. You can customize accessibility according to your requirements by simply managing your users, Teams and Folders.


Can I share/export the data collected?

Yes of course, you can export your data to CSV or PDF files. Launchcloud also uses an API feed to help you create seamless integrations with your existing systems. The Launchcloud partnerships allow you to make even quicker integrations with your favorite apps like Salesforce, Base, Google Drive, Dropbox and Mailchimp. Launchcloud is always working on expanding and improving direct integrations; if you would like to make a suggestion why not contact us about it?