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I opened an account - What next?

Welcome to Launchcloud


You don't need to be overwhelmed at the prospect of getting started with Launchcloud; we've made it easy for you. In addition to helping you create your first folder and form, this guide provides tips on managing users, viewing reports and making sure your forms are as effectively produced and useful as they can be.

To help you get started, your Launchcloud account displays three steps to get started: Visit the Launchcloud Market, make a submission, and view your reports.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up a Folder
  • Make your first Form
  • Download a sample form from the Launchcloud Market
  • Structure Users and what they have access to

You can also read the following links for more information on:

If you have questions that aren't answered in this guide, just contact our expert support staff. Now, let's get started.

Manage Folders

Most users like to start in the Folders section of their account. To manage your folders, simply click the Folders button in the lefthand navigation window.

New Launchcloud accounts are automatically populated with three pre-made folders:

  • The "Welcome to Launchcloud" folder includes an instructional form showcasing the best way to use our service. We recommend you start by reading this form.
  • The "Example Forms" folder contains exactly that: several sample forms that highlight some of the ways Launchcloud can be useful for your business.
  • "My First Folder" is empty; you can use this folder to store some of your first forms as you get a hang of Launchcloud. Feel free to rename this folder by clicking on the folder's title.

Adding a Folder

When you think you've got the hang of Launchcloud's folder system, you can create your own by clicking the green 'add' button at the top left hand side of the Manage Folders page.

You will then be prompted to name the Folder. You should choose a name that will help you identify what sort of forms will be contained within the folder, such as Admin Forms or Sales Leads.

When making a notebook, it's important that you remember to switch it to the "live" status, otherwise no one will be able to see the project. Then, click save to complete the creation of your Folder.

You can change all this information later if you need to.

Adding a Form to a Folder

Once you've added a Folder, you'll need to populate it with any necessary forms. To do this, click on the folder bar itself and this will take you inside.

You will be directed to the Edit Forms page, containing a reminder that you don't yet have any forms in the Folder. To add a form click on the green 'add' button at the top left of the page.

You will see on this page the project you have just made has already been selected in the drop down list, so all you need to do is give the form you are about to make a name, and click on Save Form.

On saving the form you will see the design page on your screen. It's here that you will design the form you need. This short video explains how to begin with simple drag and drop. 

Downloading Sample Forms

As an alternative to making your own forms, you can also get started by downloading any of the pre-made forms offered in the Launchcloud Market. These forms, available for free download, act as a template for some of the most popular use cases of a Launchcloud account. After downloading a form, we encourage you to edit it to reflect your specific business needs.

To download a sample form, start by navigating to the Launchcloud Market by clicking the control panel button in the top navigation bar.

From here, you'll have three main ways to search for a form:

  1. Click the "forms" button in the top navigation bar. This will bring you to a comprehensive list of all of the available forms.
  2. Click on a pre-made collection that sounds relevant to your needs, such as the "Business Essentials" or "Office Manager" collections. These collections only include forms specifically geared toward a certain use case.
  3. Search for a term relevant to the form you're trying to build.

Finally, once you've found a form that meets your needs, click the "Get" button to save it to your account. The next time you go to your Folders Manager you'll see a new folder called "Market Downloads" containing any forms you've saved. You can now move the form to a different folder if you'd like.


Adding a Team

You might benefit from adding a Team of Users who have access to certain forms and folders. The Teams you set up can reflect how advanced you want your sharing options to be.

We have given you a few Team names to help you get started, and each one represents the permission levels you can grant the Users. You can read more about this in our Team support articles, here. 

First you will need to make a new Team to sit your users inside. To do this click on Users in the left hand navigation and then to teams tab at the top.

Then the green 'add' button on the top left. 

You should give the Team a name; this could be something like South Team, Manager or Field Team. You will  then need to select what level of access this group will have. Again you will be able to change all this information later on if you need to. When you have finished selecting the access level you just need to click save. You will then see it appear in the list of Teams, and at this point you can make the Team live.

Once you have done this you can simply add Team Mates by clicking on the Manage button on the right.

If you still need to invite some Users, click here to see our article on Users.

Adding a Team to a Folder

Now that is all set up, all you need to do is add the Team to your Folder.

Click on Folders in the left hand navigation and you will see a list; from these select the relevant one.

Click on the plus Teams button on the right. From here you can simply check the Teams you want to attach.

It's as easy as that. As long as all the sliders are switched to live your Users will be able to see the Folder, and all of the forms contained within, the next time they log in to their version of the App online, or on their mobile device. 

If you need any further assistance contact our support team.


Connecting Integrations

The Launchcloud Market also includes other tools, primarily the ability to download pre-made themes and to connect Launchcoud to your favourite apps.

Connecting to external apps allows you to integrate Launchcloud into your existing workflow. For more information on how to set up an integration, visit our support articles.