What do I need to get started?

What do I need to get started?

Launchcloud can fit right in with your current business infrastructure. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to benefit from any plan. Launchcloud is also perfectly suited to phones and tablets but if you do not have any of these devices available to you that doesn't prevent you from using Launchcloud for a specific project, event or exhibition.  The experts at Launchcloud can supply you with information about the hiring of mobile devices on a short-term basis, and provide relevant contact details. Contact us for more information.

How much does Launchcloud cost?

We have 3 paid plans: Standard $8/user/month and Pro $15/user/month and an Enterprise solution is also available upon request. Our fully featured Pro account is available to trial for 14 days. To start your trial or view the plans in more detail click here for our pricing page.

How secure is Launchcloud?

The Launchcloud system has the built-in security of Amazon's top-level S3 server, this ensures your data stays safe. This S3 server gives you the same highly reliable, secure and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its global network of websites. All data submitted to Launchcloud is encrypted so your security is ensured with our service.

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How long will Launchcloud keep my information?

Launchcloud stores your information securely for as long as you have an active account. When you delete your account or data entry, the data is deleted from the Launchcloud servers.