Capturing Information W/ Integrations

Capturing Information

Forms with integrations function just like any other form created in Launchcloud, except information entered into fields for an integration will also be shared with that app. In other words, if someone were to complete the form described above, then information about new company contacts would also be added to their Base account.

Two-Way Sync

Not only can Launchcloud’s integrations send data to third-party apps, but they can also retrieve information by using our Data Search feature. This allows users to auto-fill forms with information based on the contents of the integrated app. For an in-depth explanation of two-way sync, read our article on data search.

Looking for a New Integration?

We want to make it as easy as possible for users to incorporate Launchcloud into their workflow, and this means including integrations with the apps they’re already using. If there’s an integration you’d like Launchcloud to offer, please let us know.