Dropbox is great for centralizing a team or company’s valuable documents, but sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of everything later. With Launchcloud’s Dropbox integration, users can still store all their files and media documents in Dropbox, but with the added benefit of Launchcloud’s form structure. The integration also allows you to quickly scan a Dropbox account for spreadsheet files and easily pull relevant data into a form.

In this article, we explain how to:

  • connect your Launchcloud account to Dropbox
  • send documents and media files to Dropbox from Launchcloud
  • create a spreadsheet in Dropbox from within a Launchcloud form
  • save a PDF backup of Launchcloud response forms in Dropbox
  • populate a Launchcloud form with information from Dropbox


What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that makes it easy to access your critical documents no matter where you are. It provides a great backup to locally-stored files, or it can be used as a centralized location for shared documents across a team.

If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, you can create one here.


Integrating Dropbox

Once you’ve created an account with Dropbox, you’re able to connect it with Launchcloud. First, visit our Launchcloud Market and search for the Dropbox integration. (You’ll be able to peruse our other integrations here as well.) The Market can be found through the “Installed Apps” panel found in the navigation bar at the top of your account.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the Dropbox integration page by following this link.

Next you’ll need to activate the integration, which you can do by clicking the “Install” button.

A login screen asking for your Dropbox account credentials will appear. Enter your information so Launchcloud can access your account.


You’ll now see your Dropbox account listed as being attached to Launchcloud. To connect another account, click the “Add Dropbox account” button.


Disconnecting Dropbox

To disconnect your Dropbox account from Launchcloud, click the X to the right of the account email. Be aware that any forms with fields that use the Dropbox integration will stop working properly.


Save Files to Dropbox

Often times, users will include media files — images, videos, etc. — as part of their Launchcloud form response. Forms can be set up to automatically send these files to Dropbox.

To send files to Dropbox, open the desired form and navigate to the Form Settings menu in the top right corner of the Form Builder.

Next, head to the Storage tab and open the Dropbox option.

You’ll then be presented with a list of file types — just click the circle to the right of all file types you’d like to save in Dropbox.

Note that a form must include an upload field for the corresponding media type in order to send it to Dropbox. For example, if you’d like to save images to Dropbox, be sure to include the “Take Picture” field located in the “Media & More” tab of the Form Builder Toolbox.

A new folder will be created in your Dropbox account with the same name as your Launchcloud form. Each time a user submits a media file through Launchcloud, it will be added to this folder.


Create Spreadsheets in Dropbox

The Dropbox integration can also create new Excel or CSV files that automatically update to reflect each new form response submission.

The process for creating spreadsheets in Dropbox is very similar to that of saving media files. When viewing the file storage options, simply select either CSV, XLS, or XLSX.

You’ll now see a CSV or Excel file in your Launchcloud Dropbox folder. A new line will be appended to the bottom of these spreadsheets to reflect each new form submission received through Launchcloud.

Save PDFs to Dropbox

Finally, the Dropbox integration can also save a PDF copy of each completed form, making it easier to provide context around your media files and spreadsheets. As with before, simply look for the PDF option in the file storage menu.

The next time you go to your Dropbox account, you’ll see a new folder has been created to store all PDFs.


Data Search

You can also use data search to quickly populate a Launchcloud form with data from any spreadsheet found in Dropbox. To utilize this feature, drag the “Data Search” field located under the “Text Input” tab onto your form.

This will launch the Search Data Link menu. Click the Dropbox option located in the Integrations tab.

Next, you’ll see a list of all the spreadsheets saved to your Dropbox account. Find the one you’d like to search from, then click the right arrow on the right side of the field.

Finally, you’ll have the option of choosing from each of the column titles in that spreadsheet. Select each of the fields that you’d like to be populated with your search results.


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