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As an organization grows, it becomes increasing difficult to keep track of everyone’s schedule. In most cases, access to a centralized calendar with each member’s individual availability can be a tremendous benefit.

The Google Calendar integration in Launchcloud makes it easy to add events to a team’s schedule regardless of its size. Whether you’re trying to bring order to a large sales team, book a meeting with your boss, or reserve a conference room at the office, the Google Calendar integration is a great place to start.

In this article, we explain how to:

  • connect your Launchcloud account to Google Calendar
  • set up a Launchcloud form to automatically schedule Calendar events based on submission responses
  • view the completed form in Google Calendar


What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a member of Google’s suite of productivity apps specifically focused on time management and collaborative scheduling. Members of the same organization are able to view each other’s schedule, making it easy to find times of mutual availability.

All Google accounts have a corresponding Google Calendar account. To signup with Google, click here.


Integrating Google Calendar

Once you’ve created an account with Google, you’re able to connect it with Launchcloud. First, visit our Launchcloud Market and search for the Google Calendar integration. (You’ll be able to peruse our other integrations here as well.) The Market can be found through the “Installed Apps” panel found in the navigation bar at the top of your account.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the Google Calendar integration page by following this link.

Next you’ll need to activate the integration, which you can do by clicking the “Install” button.

A popup screen asking for permission to manage your Google Calendar account will appear. Click “Allow.”

You’ll now see your Google account listed as being attached to Launchcloud. To connect another account, click the “Add Google Calendar account” button.


Disconnecting Google Calendar

To disconnect your Google account from Launchcloud, click the X to the right of the account email. Be aware that any forms with fields that use the Google Calendar integration will stop working properly.


Scheduling an Event

To set up a form so that it can add events to your Google Calendar, start by navigating to the Form Builder tool. Head to the “Date / Time” tab and drop either the “Date and Time” or “Date” fields onto your form.

Next, hover over the field and click on the white Google Calendar button that will appear in the top right corner.

This will launch the “Calendar Settings” menu. Click on the Google Calendar option.

You’ll then see all of the calendars that the connected account has access to. Click on the circle button on the right side to link the desired calendar with the form, then click “Link.” You can link multiple calendars to a single Launchcloud form.

Viewing the Event

Every time a responder submits a form complete with a date, a new event will be added to the specified Google Calendars.

For your reference, you’ll find a link to the completed form response in the details section of the event.


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