What is Logic?


When it comes to filling out forms, not all responders are created equal. You may find that relevant information about one type of person may be useless when it comes to someone else. In these situations, you’ll want to build responsive forms that display custom input fields based on the way responders have answered other questions. To do this, you’ll want to use logic.

Before going any further, please be aware that logic is only available to Launchcloud Collect and Automate users. To upgrade click here.

What is Logic?

A “logic equation” may sound fancy, but it’s nothing more than a set of rules that determine whether or not an input field will be made visible to a responder. When using logic, you’re basically telling Launchcloud, “If X is true, then make Y happen.”

Think of an alarm clock set for 6:30am. It will remain silent until it’s 6:30, then the alarm will be triggered. “If it’s true that it’s 6:30am, then ring my alarm.”
Launchcloud logic works on the same basic principles: your forms will contain invisible fields that won’t be revealed to the responder until their inputs match a certain set of criteria.

Launchcloud Logics

Launchcloud can apply logic to a number of different elements, wether it be on a form or an email that needs to be triggered when a form is submitted. 

Take a look at our individual docs here on Logic. 

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