Edit a Submission

Editing/ Updating a submission is something that we will all come across at some stage, whether it be the location of submission that needs changing or some of the data itself that has been collected is incorrect and needs updating. Editing a submission can also be used by office staff to apply admin notes or admin records to a submission. If you want to know more about admin fields, take a look at our Form Features Docs where you can see all form features on offer. 

Editing a Submission 

To edit a submission you need to start by locating to submissions view. To know the different data views that Launchcloud has, follow our doc on Viewing Your Data


Submission view displays all submissions and all data on the submissions. Here you can show fields for quick referencing, open the submission to edit or even add admin notes to the submission. 

You can simply make edits to the submission by using the small pencil icon on the top right of the submission.

You will notice the form opens and can now be edited. It is not only the data that can be edited but the user who submitted the form, the location data of the submission and the time it was submitted.

Once edited the submission will again be saved by clicking the tick in the top right corner to save. 

Editing docs in this way can be seamless. If you use Data Search on your form then the document can be called back and edited and updated through search too. If you want more information on data search, take a look at these Data Search docs and Data Search Use Cases.