In Reports Submissions

In-Reports Submission is a submission made without the use of the form app or the handheld application. You could use this if you realize data is missing or a new report needs to be added to your records. To do this you first need to locate to Submission View within Launchcloud reports. To understand how to find Submission View follow our support doc, View Your Data.

Adding a Submission

Once on the Submission Page you will see all submission presented to you with all the fields you have decided to view as shown here. 

You will notice the large green + in the top left. Selecting this will enable you to add a new record to your submission. 

Once selected, a pop out of a form will appear on your page allowing you to complete and add a new submission. Once you have completed the form, press submit and you will see the submission appear in your reports for that form.

Once the submission is in your Reports area, you will be able to download, edit and amend just like all other submissions you have.