Restore Deleted Data

Restore Soft Deleted Data

To restore soft-deleted data you need to take many of the steps as if you were going to completely remove the data from Launchcloud.

We first start by showing the soft-deleted data that you have on your account. You need to do this in the area of Launchcloud relevant to the item you are looking for. EG, if it is a folder you want to restore you need to look in folders, the same if it was a form or a complete report, all will be found in their own are of Launchcloud.

Once you have located the element you want to restore, Select it using the checkbox on the left side and again you will have options appear at the bottom of the page.

As you are looking to restore the element to its existing location you will select ‘Restore’. Once selected you will be presented with a message to confirm you are restoring the correct elements.

Once confirmed you will see the element(s) selected back in their right locations.

Please remember this can only be completed less than 30 days after you originally deleted the item, once 30 days have passed from when the element was first deleted, it will be deleted by Launchcloud automatically and no longer be recoverable.