View Your Data

To view your data there are many different ways depending on what data you want to see. To understand finding different forms of data you have collected and their views, follow our doc, Download Your Data.

View Your Data

Start by navigation to the reports are of Launchcloud. This is the same process for downloading data also. 

Then locate reports.

This will take you to a tile of all folders where again you select the one necessary that you want to view. You will see the tiles for each folder have a wavy line if you have made submissions. This line will change color depending if it is just text data or media that have been submitted. Blue is text data and Green is media data. 


Selecting a tile will open up the folder and again you will have a view of all forms within that folder with a line of data activity. This is where you will have the option to view all different types of data collected but the most common is submission view. 

Submission View

Submission view displays all submissions and all data on the submissions. Here you can show fields for quick referencing, open the submission to edit or even add admin notes to the submission. 

You can simply make edits to the submission by using the small pencil icon on the top right of the submission.

View Media 

Viewing media will be used for simply just viewing any Images, Videos, Audio, Signatures, Documents or attachments to your form. Media can be located through the same route as submissions but instead of selecting submissions you will select media data.

Once on the media page, you will see all media displayed allowing you to open and view and download.


View Graph Data

Again, start by locating to your Reports page where you can make the selection to see Graph Data. 

Once on the graph data page, your information will be displayed to you in a series of images, graphs and text. You can switch between graphs, merge data together or download all from this page. If you want more information on merging data, see our Merge Data Doc

This data can still be filtered by using the filters at the top of the page. it can also be viewed by Day, Month or Year to just display the data relevant to you. 

To understand managing your data the way you want it, you really need to input some Launchcloud submissions and see how your data is viewed and what is the best way for you to view this data within the Graph Data page. 

If you need more information on Graph Data, please don't hesitate to contact our team to lend a hand.


Location Data

Location data can be key for operatives in the field. Sometimes you may want to know where a form was submitted or the specific location of an outlet you visited. Launchcliud store your location in two ways. The first is on a map with a pin, To see this visually you need to locate to Location Data Page from The main Reports page. 

Once on Location Data page, you will be presented with a map of all your submissions, whether they be in your country or worldwide you will be able to view all locations that forms have been submitted from here. 

If you have multiple locations, these pins will be dotted all around allowing you to select one and jump to those submissions. 

From here you can see basic data of the submission, add notifications for yourself or jump directly to the submission & Media data.


To view other forms of data, follow our doc on Downloading Your Data.