Food and Beverage Industry

Food & drink safety checklist app for the food & beverage industry to ensure quality assurance & audit compliance

  • Gain detailed insight and analysis to track ROI
  • Digitise paper checklists & manage teams all in app
  • Quality & compliance checks via digitised forms to save time

Launchcloud helping businesses manage brand standards & take their paper checklists digital to take audit and compliance procedures to a higher level of productivity

Gain analytical data to track performance, achieve visibility, & make smarter decisions with field teams

Using data collected via the Launchcloud apps, your field team will be able to: -

  • Conduct food safety compliance checks at your facility
  • Utilise notification's to be made aware of any issues that have been raised
  • Assign a team member via the Launchcloud app to respond to safety or brand issues

Ready made food & beverage forms to help save you time

Get up and running today with our ready to go digital online forms

Raise service levels by deploying customized digital forms for effective collection & tracking in the field

Create custom forms to complete in-depth, accurate reporting allowing you to ensure brand & compliance standards are adhered to at all times by communicating directly with field staff in-app to output graph's, pie-charts & images to create a clear picture of field activities. 

Collect from offline apps by adopting mobile auditing into your standard operating procedure

Easy to Understand Reporting

Editable reporting to present smart, easy to understand analytical information with graph's, pie-charts & mapping from submitted data to identify trends, Oh, and did we mention you can submit and view these reports from any device?

Agility and Execution

Execute easily by creating forms for any environment, be it audit compliance, mystery shopping checks etc, Launchcloud makes it easy to create form templates & deploy to field staff fast.

Benefits to your team by using Launchcloud

Improve on audit and compliance
Gain access to accurate data sooner
Lower operations and admin costs
Save field worker hours
Improve comms & accuracy
Benchmark capabilities

Identify industry standards and benchmark your business against them to always stay ahead of the game

Insightful Reporting

Create bespoke detailed reports highlighting all the key data you need to know to help make smarter decisions

Work offline

No wi-fi? No problem, with our Launchcloud app you can still stock-take or data collect through our Launchcloud app

Communicate directly

Our chat ability allows you to chat immediately via a messenger tool and avoid sending unnecessary emails to get the answers you need now!

Use on any device

No matter where you are or what device you use, our software is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop

Adaptable form builder

Create flexible forms with our easy to use drag and drop form builder allowing you to adapt to any situation

Sign in on location

Enable teams to check in when on location so you know who is where at all times & when a job has been completed

Map and track location

Assign roles and locations to team members already in the field and map and track location of teams to ensure constant visibility

Set auto reminders

Create auto reminders for teams or individuals to collect specific data or auto texts/emails once an order or information has been submitted

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