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Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage service, ensuring you always have access to your most important documents.

Many teams refer to Dropbox as a central location to democratize access to important shared files. But sometimes only a project lead and field operators need access to a Launchcloud account for a given task. With the Dropbox integration, you can keep access restricted to your Launchcloud account while still ensuring the rest of the team can utilize any important documents that may come from form responses.

Save all your PDFs, photos, videos, audio recordings, image annotations, and sketches from Launchcloud into Dropbox automatically. Likewise, users can find a file already saved in Dropbox and pull it into a Launchcloud form.



  • Save PDF, Excel, and CSV files to Dropbox
  • Save media assets to Dropbox
  • Auto-fill Launchcloud fields with files from Dropbox
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Allow public forms
  • iOS and Android compatible

Have a read of our Support Doc which explains how to set up Dropbox with Array

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  • Use Dropbox as a storage end point
  • Store all types of files
  • Search inside Excel files on your Dropbox
  • Pull data back from your Dropbox


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