Squash Manual Tasks. Make Your Business Flow.

Do you find you spend
more time with admin
work than with your

Trouble... Trouble...

Automate processes that make
your business flow, even
when you're not there.

Order History
Backed Up
Orders and payments
PDF Copy
Recall Order
Info & Sign
Solution! Solution!

Digitize all your paperwork and processes, capture business insights in real time, and grow your business.

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Drag and drop to create custom forms, or get started by downloading ready-made templates from the Launchcloud Market.

Bring your data to life

Use advanced reports, maps, graphs and filtering to gain insight about your business. Get a deeper understanding of how your business ticks.

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Notify Me Notify Me

  • Notification on submission

    Set up email or web notifications on users, teams or forms.

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  • Notification on change

    Find out if a form has been amended after submission.

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  • Send copy to customer NEW

    Send customers a copy in PDF, Excel, CSV, or jpeg format upon submission.

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Give Me Insight

Quickly & simply learn more from the data you collect

Use reports to gain insight and spot trends in your business data

Insight Insight Insight Insight
  • Merge raports

    Merge reports NEW

    Drag one report tile and overlay onto another to combine the two data sets.

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  • Advanced filtering and viewing

    Advanced filtering and viewing

    Filter submissions based on how questions were answered, quickly helping to find trends and insights lying within forms.

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  • Scheduled reporting

    Scheduled reporting COMING SOON

    Pre-set filters so you can have ready-made reports and graphs sent to your email or Evernote daily, weekly — whenever you want.

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  • Downloading


    Filter your data then download it as PDF, CSV or Excel

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Connect Me

Connect all your favorite apps

Sort your data, your way

Automate workflows by connecting to services you already use and love. Paid accounts can connect to unlimited apps.

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Search your data, your way

Add pre-filled data into a form by pulling records form other data sources like Dropbox, Drive or even Launchcloud.

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Store and pull data from your apps

Use integrations to link all your favorite apps so you can trigger actions, store data, and share information

Share It

Collect information from
anyone, anywhere, anytime

Manage It

Get your teammates the forms they need

Give access levels to forms, folders and reporting. Your team has all the forms they need wherever they are.

Field Sales Team Store Team Finance Team

Make It

Build a form for the shape
of your business

Simple to use. Powerful Results.

Build powerful, interactive forms that will make paper embarrassed it was part of your business workflow in the first place.

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Ready made and editable

Pre made forms and themes to fit all types of businesses. Going paperless has never been easier.

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Everything you need to build forms that make your business flow.

  • Standard Account

    Picture Buttons

    Get the whole picture by enabling gallery uploads or taking a new photo.

  • Standard Account

    Video Buttons

    Capture up to 1 min of video to help tell the story in moving picture.

  • Standard Account


    Let users sign with their finger, mouse, or stylus by adding a signature field.

  • Standard Account

    Annotate Pictures

    Annotate images to highlight the most important elements.

  • Standard Account

    Audio Recording

    Voice recordings and customer feedback to review in your reports.

  • Free Account

    Barcode Scanner

    Grab product codes by scanning barcodes from your phone or tablet.

  • Standard Account

    QR Code Reader

    Collect the data behind a QR code by using your phone or tablet.

  • Pro Account

    Data Search

    Populate your forms with data collected from other Launchcloud forms, or from apps like Dropbox.

  • Standard Account

    Attach Document

    Get documents sent right to your Launchcloud by using an attach document button.

  • Free Account

    Star Ratings

    Stars are a good visual way to show customer satisfation.

  • Standard Account

    Embed Videos

    Have a video play in a form - amazing for traning documents.

  • Coming Soon to Pro


    Not just for layout, tables are a powerful way to create invoices and linked questions.

  • Free Account

    Time & Date Pickers

    Simply add appointments, call back or date of births with a date and time picker.

  • Free Account


    When you want to make your forms feels as good as they look user sliders to pick a value.

  • Free Account

    Layout & Page Breaks

    Style and present the form to show the information in a way that works for you.

  • Coming Soon to Pro

    Payment Buttons

    Take payment from your customer right in the form, saving you time.

  • Pro Account

    Form Logic

    Streamline your form by hiding or showing questions, depending on how the user answers.

  • Coming Soon to Pro

    Form Calculations

    Powerful tool for creating formulas to show percentages or totaling forms.

  • Pro Account


    Style forms with your company branding, colors and logo.

  • Pro Account

    Email from Copy

    Have a file automatically sent to an email on submission. Use to send an order confirmation.

  • Free Account


    Structure a form so it feels good for a user to fill in by placing up to four fields side by side.

  • Pro Account

    Admin only fields

    For the times when not all form fields should be visible or editable by everyone.

  • Pro Account

    Form logic

    Hide or show fields by the way form questions are completed.

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Drag and drop to create custom forms, or download templates from the Launchcloud Market for free to quickly get started.

Charlotte Birley

With Launchcloud, we spend less time with our heads in Excel spreadsheets and more time delivering more value to our clients.