Mobile Forms Software & Data Collection App with Smarts.

Ditch paperwork for a versatile data collection app with automation, reporting and communication tools. Collect from web or mobile.

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Capture & automate

Create custom forms for checklists, Orders, Inspection Reports, Maintenance Reports.

Work from anywhere offline.

Real time reporting & management tools

Powerful analytics and reporting partnered with dispatch calendar and live chat team.

Track audit and compliance then take action.

Replacing paper forms for field team operations with
connective automation

Launchcloud is a flexible form app building solution for field workforces and internal processes for companies providing support services to client companies in Construction, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Water, Telecoms, Marine, Rail, Oil & Gas, Road, Airports, Goverment and Health-care.

  • Increase Efficiency & profitability

    Get information back in real-time, eliminate redundant data entry and automate your processes.

  • Improve health & safety compliance

    Achieve 100% safety compliance on all your compliance checks, add reminders and workflows.

  • Slash your admin costs in half

    By removing paperwork you will create a 50% cost reduction on admin costs.

  • Increase insight and create automation

    See trends and understand your business deeper. Remove manual task with workflows, SMS and PDF delivery.

Running a field service company

We’ve worked with experienced business owners and industry experts to give you authoritative, actionable guidance on how to run the data side of your company.

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Smart offline & web forms for every team

  • Offline
  • Database Reports
  • Booking Dispatch
  • Team Chat
  • App Connections
  • API
  • Field team data collection

    Build mobile forms with dynamic elements like take picture and signature. Even pull data into forms for a database.

  • Web forms with automation & communications

    All forms work in a web browser or on your website. Send automated emails and SMS when data is received or updated.

  • Management & reporting tools

    Use our management tools to schedule jobs, track compliance and metrics even live chat with your team and customers.

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Launchcloud is a mobile workforce management
application for mission critical tasks.

Launchcloud provides collection from mobile teams and web browser replacing all your paper forms. Launchcloud mobile forms are for, job completion reports, incident reports, asset surveys, sub-contractor reports and much more.

Your digital data piping

See us as your digital piping integrating seamlessly and communicating with existing office systems, such as your ERP, CRM, GIS, BIM or asset management system.

A database all the team can use

Launchcloud gives you real-time insight of your field operations and internal processes through report dashboards tailored to increase operational efficiency and compliance.

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