Maintenance Industry

Revolutionize the way you work by matching the way you do business

  • Assign maintenance jobs in specific locations and track progress
  • Log back immediately any issues that arise and take proactive action
  • Submit completed work checklists on the go in app

How do you log maintenance checks? Find out how Launchcloud rids you of nuisance paper to help you work smarter

Complete control and visibility when it comes to maintenance checking and audit compliance

Customize the way your maintenance teams work by adapting to any site location with flexible easy to use forms that take away the need to log data on paper.  

  • Log all necessary maintenance checks onsite digitally via mobile or tablet
  • Report back faults immediately
  • Assign maintenance jobs in multiple locations

Get up and running with our ready to go maintenance template forms

Utilising our industry-specific forms to help save you time and get you working quickly and effciently  

Give your maintenance teams the powerful tools they need to log work, place orders, manage workload and sign in and out from site.

Work from anywhere with any device thanks to our Launchcloud app where you can edit forms to tailor-make them to specific job sites or pull data files from previous jobs to save time on location.

Maintenance checks software that is tailored to your business requirements

Attach Forms Quickly

No need to wait to submit snag lists, our quick deploy capabilities allow you to attach forms such as snag lists into chat and send directly to those who need to know.

Intelligent but easy to use forms

Drag and drop form builder makes working smarter easier than changing a light bulb and will enable your maintenance teams to adapt to site-specific requirements with forms that can be edited with conditional logic and calculations 

Benefits to your team by using Launchcloud

Improve on audit and compliance
Gain access to accurate data sooner
Lower operations and admin costs
Save field worker hours
Improve comms & accuracy
Compete checklists offline

No matter where you are always complete the necessary maintenance checks offline through our Launchcloud app

Assign jobs on the go

Avoid any confusion by assigning jobs on the go ensuring everyone knows where they have to be at all times

Attach snag lists in chat

Don't wait to log problems, raise issues immediately by attaching forms in chat to allow the right people to act immediately

Adhere to maintenance procedures

Create custom forms to ensure all the right maintenance checks are completed on time and nothing gets missed

Kill graphite paper

Stop wasting time and money with paper sign-offs, send completed checks with receipts to clients digitally through the Launchcloud app on site

Build site specific forms

Each location and work site is different with set requirements so create adaptable forms to always stay compliant

Log checks without the need for paper

Use the Launchcloud platform on mobile, app or desktop and rid the need for pesky paper

Analyze data

Create detailed reports that can be downloaded and sent to clients or used internally 

Quick deploy for smarter working

Enable teams to work swiftly and deploy maintenance checks immediately with quick deploy solutions

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