Don’t Rely On Wifi For Your Data Capture At Your Next Event

Are you planning your next big event or expo? In our online world, the Internet is becoming more and more essential for businesses to succeed. However, we all know the wifi can be very unpredictable and let your business down when you need it the most.

Wifi @ Events

It's one thing for your Internet to go down in the office but in front of clients or potential customers, it's unacceptable. We’ve heard countless stories of businesses preparing the best-laid event plans, only for them to fall apart when a wifi connection is oversubscribed or drops out at a moments notice.

Sure, you could pay for your own private wifi mobile hub, but this can become very expensive, and on top of this you are still relying on mobile reception. But don’t worry there is a solution to this problem with Launchcloud’s Offline Mobile Apps

Launchcloud’s iOS + Android Offline Apps

"No connection? Carry on collecting data offline"

With Launchcliud’s free mobile apps, you can collect data even when you are offline, and share folders and forms with your team for offline collection — quickly and securely.

This means that when you are working in the field you can collect data, take pictures and signatures all on your mobile device without a care in the world. So at your next event, don’t threat about your Internet connections impact on your data collection – just use Launchcloud.

Note that this feature is only available to Launchcloud Standard and Pro users. To upgrade your account, click here.

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