Enable your entire team using innovative Launchcloud Web App

The Launchcloud system is intended to streamline data gathering and submission within your business. It consists of the main Launchcloud system, which enables you to manage all your activity, including the creation of projects and forms, and Apps which enable users of the system to populate and submit the forms created. Operators in the field can access forms on a mobile device, using the Launchcloud iOS and Android Apps. But what if you want your office based team to complete and submit forms, and they use a desktop device. That is not a problem; Launchcloud has a Web App for exactly this situation.

How does the Launchcloud Web App work?

When you create a form in Launchcloud, and give a user access to the form, they receive a notification email.

If they are using a desktop device, and they click on the link in the email, they are taken to the Launchcloud login screen.

Once they have logged in, using the details they did when creating their profile, they see the form you created.

They can then populate the form and submit it to the Launchcloud system. The Launchcloud Web App is useful if, for instance, you want to distribute a questionnaire or training to users, or if you want to allow online ordering for users, of items such as staff uniform. It’s also useful for users who are communicating with customers over the telephone and collecting information from them.

If connectivity is lost at any point during completion of the form then the user has limited access to the form at that point but all of the information already input is stored for when connectivity is restored.

The Launchcloud Web App is a simple and efficient method of enabling improved information sharing and submission within your business.

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