How Can Launchcloud's Google Drive Integration Help You?

Spreadsheets created in Drive stand out for their ease of access. Even on the run, users from across a team can update the same file, with changes instantly being pushed to everyone else’s account.

Send Your Data Directly to Drive

With our Google Drive integration, Launchcloud users need not interact with Google sheets to fill out a spreadsheet with the data they have collected in Launchcloud. By connecting Google Drive to your Launchcloud account, you can create fields in your forms based on the columns of a Google spreadsheet. The data entered in these fields will immediately be entered correspondingly on a new row in the original Google spreadsheet. This integration is especially useful as it cuts out the middle man between your favorite platforms.

"Let your data flow"

Have Images Captured in Launchcloud Stored in Drive

If you often use the Image capture function in Launchcloud forms, the Google Drive integration can let users automatically sync their Launchcloud photos to a Google Drive folder, meaning that later users do not need to spend a long time transferring images across, saving you time and computer power.

Auto-populate Launchcloud Forms by Pulling Data Back out of Google Drive

Say, you are constantly entering the same data into forms; like in a site inspection for example. This integration even lets you auto-populate form fields in your Launchcloud forms by pulling our data from Drive

The Google Drive integration offers many more features, to find out more visit the Launchcloud Market. If you don't have a Google account? sign up here. To find out more about all the benefits that Launchcloud can give your business coming into the new year click here to find out more 

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