Make + Receive Appointments W/ Launchcloud Forms

Receiving appointment requests can get disorganized fast if you're relying on replying to individual email requests. That's why smart businesses have turned to Launchcloud’s drag and drop form creator to build effective and automated online appointment forms in order to let customers and team members schedule appointments.

Using Launchcloud as an effective appointment system couldn’t be easier. The combination of our email notification feature and our Google calendar integration gives you the power to add new Google Calendar events with attached media, receive email notifications of your appointments or even add one or more attendees to existing events right from your Launchcloud form.

"Save time and increase productivity"

With Launchcloud forms, there’s now no need to send endless emails back and forth when it’s time to schedule your next team meeting or potential client meeting. Just create a simple form, send it out to your customers or team members, and have them designate dates and times that work for them.

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