Dodge the Downtime with Intelligent Maintenance Software

Ensuring your business meets all the necessary maintenance compliance procedures can be a daunting task but it does not to be.

However, ensuring you take preventative action can be the difference between significant downtime or operational nirvana.

Preventative maintenance (or PM as it is also known) is all about taking precautionary and proactive steps against unscheduled equipment downtime and other avoidable failures.

The whole purpose of this procedure is to spot defects can be identified before they become a severe issue and can be dealt with accordingly in a time efficient manner.

Saving time, money and increasing productivity are just three reasons why PM checks are so vital to a business as downtime could have severe consequences to your bottom line and operational capability.

So, how do you carry out a PM Checklist?

Firstly, you need somewhere to record the data.

This is where Launchcloud comes in with its bespoke maintenance software allowing you to build custom forms (or use one of the readymade templates) housing all the necessary checks that need to be made.

These include:

  • Identifying the preventive maintenance schedule and tasks for each asset
  • Conduct the preventive maintenance at defined intervals
  • Measure the percentage of the PM work-orders completed in the defined interval (this will enable you to understand the effectiveness of these checks and work out potential ROI based on incidents avoided).

Once you have completed your checks and submitted the data into Launchcloud via the app (either on a desktop, mobile or tablet) you can then build out custom reports which highlight hotspots and can then assign these to the correct person to deal with.

Once a job has been assigned, the person can then complete the job via Launchcloud and a PM metric can be worked out to identify effectiveness and potential downtime that has been saved and in turn revenue lost.

It is Launchcloud’s ability to deliver these types of metrics when it comes to maintenance checks that makes us the first choice for a number of businesses in the industry who want to save time and money by streamlining their processes and stop a problem evolving before it is too late.

Our Launchcloud maintenance form building abilities allow you to adapt your business processes in order to collect, analyze and work flexibly with our all in one place software.

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