Powerful Data Collection within Government Organisations /NGO's using Launchcloud

Eradicating the weight of paper-based processes within councils, education organizations, health trusts, and government offices is essential to cutting costs and enhancing customer service.

Government departments and local authorities deliver an extensive range of public services, many of which produce a substantial administrative paper-based load. In order to develop an office’s productivity and to save physical space, government departments and local authorities need to be less reliant on paper by growing their use of cloud-based technology.

Data-automation applications such as Launchcloud work with local government, central government and NGO’s, to enhance the automation of document and data workflow and to guarantee the continuation of compliance.

The benefits of a cloud-based data capture system such as Launchcloud include:

  • Enhanced customer & supplier relationships
  • Automated approval process of invoices, purchase orders and other documents
  • Improved employee morale
  • Enriched efficiency and reduced costs
  • Guaranteeing payment on time and where appropriate
  • Automated workflow and processing of documents leading to lowered costs and fewer errors

Effective workflow administration can also make noteworthy savings and significantly improve payment terms with providers, creating further benefits such as automating payments, speeding up auditing and financial coverage, eradicating invoice backlogs and making a transparent accounts payable setting.

Launchcloud is Cost Effective

With Launchcloud, every department in your region can have GPS equipment; users can use their own devices to gather data at any time. Launchcloud is also simpler to use and more instinctive than a regular GPS device

Launchcloud Promotes Collaboration

Having Launchcloud lets for numerous users to collect data as a team, and because all your data is stored in the cloud, users don’t automatically have to come back to the office to upload and combine independently collected data. A manager or official can view data from their office while users are still in the field.

Launchcloud Protects Data

Data is saved securely on Launchcloud servers (ISO 27001 Verified), and G Cloud compliant, but can easily be accessed by any user given the appropriate authorizations. This is much simpler than giving database permissions on your own servers.

Launchcloud can integrate into your CRM

In addition to the fact that you can export the data to Google or Microsoft Office Docs, Launchcloud can be linked your CRM vis webhooks. You can skip the boring and cumbersome export step, and set your Launchcloud account to send data directly into your CRM. This can even be done while users are still collecting data in real-time.

Launchcloud Saves Time

Launchcloud does all of the above at once. You can build your Launchcloud data collection form using our simple drag and drop interface. Then you can immediately use it in a mobile device and sync all of your data immediately.


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