Launchcloud Adopts Google’s reCAPTCHA Data Verification Programme

We love automation at Launchcloud, that’s why we are happy to announce the adoption of Google’s latest version of the automated security validation process known as Captcha. This new update will enable Launchcloud users to gain the same security insurances as before but now you’ll have greater automation and ease of use.

What is reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a service that is designed to protect web pages from misuse and to help stop spam. reCAPTCHA uses a google-formulated advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHA's to keep automated software from engaging in unwanted activities on your page. It does this while letting your valid users pass through without trouble.

reCAPTCHA delivers more than just spam protection. The Captcha ensures the validity of an Internet user by typically asking people to complete a puzzle that a computer would not be able to complete properly. The puzzles present tests that people find easy but computers can find harder, such as: text puzzles or images descriptions.

However, more recently Google has automated this reCAPTCHA system so your users can easily tick a box to confirm whether they are a bot or not. This tick-box is also combined with recorded background data.

reCAPTCHA in Launchcloud

Using Launchcloud's form builder you can easily drag and drop the reCAPTCHA feature into your form. You will also have the options to change the color and dimensions of your reCAPTCHA as well as validating your form via the means of audio or image. Utilizing this feature you will enable you to gain extra security benefits in your form on top of Launchcloud's existing data security protocols. So why not drag and drop the reCAPTCHA feature into your form today.

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