Besner Lachaine Valiquette Chooses Lauchcloud to Power their forms


Besner Lachaine Valiquette uses Launchcloud to effectively gather and collect data that can be stored in BASE CRM. Used mainly for their customers, Launchcloud provides a solution to pass through customer forms to BASE.


BLV identified their challenges and began to evaluate their options

Having been a long time BASE CRM user, BLV were looking for a forms service that would integrate well with BASE. The BLV business was growing but it wanted to stay lean and automate as many processes as it could. Being a small firm, BLV often wears many hats and their time must be spent efficiently. Anything they can do to streamline their internal processes is key to BLV’s success. Launchcloud provides a robust integration with Base and seemed to meet all of BLV’s needs.


How Launchcloud met BLV’s specific needs as a small business

After BLV partner - Erik Valiquette, had looked at several options on the market, Launchcloud’s integration with Base CRM was the most robust and it did exactly what he was looking for. Another reason BLV were drawn towards Launchcloud was for the user-friendly clean user interface that Launchcloud offered, which in turn, helps Erik focus on what’s important: Building a simple, friendly and useful tool for his customers.


The result of implementing Launchcloud as a data management system and what it means for daily BLV work processes

Erik noticed right away, that Launchcloud’s proper integration with Base a winning feature for BLV. Erik says that having the possibility to pass through attachments from a form to Base has saved BLV a ton of time on manual work and time. Looking to the future there is excitement at BLV about how Launchcloud can help them streamline their internal and external interactions and processes.

Besner Lachaine Valiquette usage results:

“I cannot rave enough about Lauchcloud’s outstanding customer service! Not only are they quick to respond but their eagerness to help is amazing. I can confidently say that the Launchcloud crew is by far my favorite to work with. I am impressed by the continuous additions and integrations they offer and by the flexibility the platform provides.”
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