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Automate It

Create automated branded mailouts with email logic

Your branding in seconds.

Design beautifully branded and customized mailouts with Launchcloud's email theme designer.

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Use Logic to send conditional emails.

Implement Launchcloud logic to automate conditional email responses.

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  • Attach copy

    Attach copy of the form PDF, XLS, CSV, Image

    Attach a PDF, image or CSV copy of your form to your automated emails.

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  • Attach files

    Attach other files Your terms or an Ebook

    Attach any file you like to your automated emails, such as a generic voucher code.

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Conditional email logic

Conditional email logic or an “email logic equation” may sound very technical, but it’s nothing more than a set of rules to determine whether or not an email will be sent to a responder. When using email logic, you’re basically telling Launchcloud, “If X is true, then make Y happen.”

Conditional logic

Email notifications

The Email Logic function can also be used to send your team members details of any submissions that have been received. This is especially useful if you want specific form submissions forwarded to specific team members after completion.


Start nurturing your leads right away with email logic

Email logic can enable you to automatically respond to specific concerns with tailored emails, provide additional resources and even offer thanks for submitting a form.

Email logic

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