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Mobile apps

Simple to use mobile apps for collecting your forms even when you have no signal.

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Get access to all you forms when you have no signal with our iPad, iPhone iOS and Android Apps

With our free mobile app, you can collect data even when you are offline. This means that when you are working in the field you can collect data, take pictures and signatures all on your mobile device.


Pull Data

Connect all your favorite apps

Sort your data, your way

Automate your workflow by connecting to the services you already love. Our paid accounts can connect to unlimited apps.

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Pull back data, to populate your forms

Connecting Launchcloud to your favourite apps means that you can auto-populate your forms using your existing data.

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Collect It

Collect information from anyone, anywhere, anytime
No connection? Carry on collecting data offline

  • Offline forms

    Offline forms iOS Android

    Our iOS and Android apps allow you to share folders and forms with your team for offline collection — quickly and securely.

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  • Kiosk mode

    Kiosk mode Lock in a form

    Lock your device in Kiosk mode, so when a customer enters information on your device, your admin pages are password protected.

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  • Draw over image

    Draw over image Make your mark

    Draw over and add text to any image you capture in Launchcloud forms.

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  • Branded web app

    Branded web app Your app, your look

    Change the logo, colours and themes of the Launchcloud web app, creating a totally branded experience.

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Web apps and web forms that remember where you left off

We know that it can be really annoying when your web page freezes and you lose your unsaved data. Launchcloud's web apps and forms remember the fields you have completed, even if you leave the page.